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  Lianyungang Sanhe Magnetic separation equipment Co,Ltd.layes Asia and Europe Mainland Bridge.It's beside Yellow Sea and world-famous Hua Guo Hill. There are green hills and limpidity water. The traffic very convenience.
  every year,1500 tons magnetic materials and over 3000 sets of magnetic separation equipment are produced by the company. Many experts and engineers develop new productions. It has outstanding technology,advanced equipments and complete test methods. The company cooperates with some excellent Academies. Performance and guide lines of production is accord with or over china interfix standard. It has developed 7 kinds and over 100 varieties of separation equipments. These equipments are abroad applies at some big metal mines, coloured metal mines, and rare metal mines. Some equipments had exported. The company could free change design of separation flow.
  Goodliness is start today and tomorrow will be better. We promises that we will provide good productions and prime servings to our clients. We hope that you will take attention to,sustain to and depend on Sanhe Magnetic separation equipment Co,Ltd.

Tel:0518-85766667 85765999  Fax:0518-85766668
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